Cascade Engine Service

We would like to introduce ourselves and our engine service to you! Many of you may already know who we are or our past achievements. However we wish to officially reestablish ourselves with you and especially those who may not know us and our past accomplishments.After months of new shop setup and modernization, we are happy to announce that “We are back!”, and looking forward to again serving the vintage aircraft community. Many of you may be aware of engines previously overhauled by our personnel and still reliably flying on several of the world’s well known and rare warbirds in the US and abroad. Possible you do now. And therefore we offer you a bit of our background. A few years ago, after decades of reliable service, overhauling large reciprocation aircraft engines for the warbird industry, JRS engines of Minneapolis, Minnesota closed its doors, ceasing operations. Not willing to cease operations, the key talent, Mr. Bill Moja, involved in overhauling, managing the delivering reliable engines to customers worldwide, moved west to become part of a new organization, Cascade Engine Service, of Arlington, Washington. Armed with competent partner Rick Allen and low overhead, Cascade is moving from strength to strength, building on the expertise of JRS manager Bill Moja, in raising the “quality control and authenticity bar” for vintage engines while keeping finish cost competitive.As a vintage aircraft owner, you fully understand the need for complete reliability in systems and components to keep you and your investment safe. Single engine aircraft owners have added challenge to ensure that the one engine they have, performs as it should and remains so, even under the most challenging of operational conditions. At Cascade Engine Service, we promise you engines that are closely cared for throughout the overhaul process. Decades of knowledge and dozens of engines later, we can assure you that your engine will receive the knowledgeable experience necessary to do the job right during the overhaul process.It is our privilege to provide you with a partial list of engines overhauled. We have included contact information and encourage you to discuss there experience with engines previously and currently overhauled. We are certain you will be happy with the feedback.The engine overhaul is probably the single most important choice you will make for your aircraft. We thank you in advance for consideration in performing this task for you and or your organization. Sincerely, Rick Allen, Bill Moja